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The Spray Tanning Process

What to Expect At Your Spray Tan Appointment

Understanding The Spray Tanning Process

The Shear Tanning beauty regimen begins with exfoliating the skin to prepare it for the spray tan process.

Moisturizer is used to maintain hydration while the other items are used to speed up the outstanding tan effect.

All the products used in the Shear Tanning process are 100% Natural and Organic and safe for all skin types. There is a soft baby powder scent to our the tanning products.

Spray tanning eliminates the appearance of cellulite, hides blemishes and evens out skin tone, so you are left with a natural looking glow that can boost your confidence.

Airbrush / Spray  Tanning:

Millions of people around the globe turn to the art of spray tanning each year to ensure they maintain their sun-kissed look regardless of the weather outside. Until recently, sunbeds were the most popular form of getting an all over tan however recent studies have shown that the overuse of sunbeds can pose as many health risks to the skin as sitting in the sun all day does. Hence the increasing popularity of spray tan.

Spray tanning is a great way of getting a tan regardless of where you live and what time of the year it is. If you live somewhere that doesn’t see a lot of sunbathing weather it doesn’t matter – you can still get a perfect sun-kissed tan simply by spraying it on. The same goes for the winter months when the sunshine isn’t strong enough to cause natural tanning, or if you work indoors throughout the day and rarely get to bask in the sunshine. You get an even, all-over perfect tan in one session without the sun shining – what more could you ask for?


Airbrush Makeup by Shear Tanning

Face it. Perfection – with a capital “P” – is impossible to obtain. However .. with these modern times come the benefits of airbrush makeup, a tool first used by makeup artists who worked with the film and television industry and with models on photo shoots. Now, it’s not just a “must-have” for those red-carpet celebs. There has been a trickle-down affect, and women from normal walks of life can suspend reality for a little while, too. That look — right off the glossy pages of magazines — is being offered in beauty salons in the suburbs near you. Brides indulge, business women indulge, soccer moms indulge, and even teenagers have their makeup airbrushed for prom night. Are the wheels in your head starting to turn? How about a little pampering for that family portrait that’s coming up? Now there’s a good excuse to indulge!The advantages of airbrushing are that it gives the illusion of a flawless complexion, yet it’s lightweight. When applied by a trained professional, there should be no pancake feel to it and no lines. Blending is seamless. Scars can be camouflaged, too. Tattoos can be hidden temporarily, and freckles can be banished for an evening out on the town.

“You sure know how to give the best AIRBRUSH spray tan around!! When I need to tan - I come to Tanya at Shear Tanning to get the job done right!"

Becky S. B., Englewood, Florida

“Got a tan? Never though I would do this, but I'm hooked! Beautiful results without the damage from the sun. My spray tan looks so natural and it really moisturizes my skin. Tanya is very professional. She applies a perfect tan and gives great advice to make it last. I highly recommend this service!"

Gina L. D., Englewood, Florida

“Had a great "first" experience yesterday getting a Spray Tan. Tanya was awesome and explained each step wonderfully. I will definitely be back and tell all my friends. Thanks again!'

Tari L. N., Englewood, Florida

"Ladies, if you are not getting spray tans by Shear Tanning, get one now .. Like, right NOW! Call and make the appointment. Tanya is such a wonderful, welcoming professional. I just left after another great experience getting sprayed. No harsh rays from the sun or chemicals! Such a beautiful, natural looking color, not like that fake orangey stuff! If you still haven’t called .. DO IT NOW!"

Meagan A., Englewood, Florida

"Had a great “first” experience getting a Spray Tan with Shear Tanning! Tanya was awesome and explained the process and answered all my questions and concerns. I was astonished as to how natural and even looking the tan was. I will definitely be back for more tanning sessions!”

Tara L. N., Placida, Florida

“Thank you so much pretty lady! I love my spray tan!! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I look so sun kissed! You are amazing and I thank you again. I will definitely be back .. You are going to have to kick me out! Get spray tanned and get addicted!”

Liz D. A., Englewood, Florida

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