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For Best Results Before and After Your Spray Tan Appointment

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Recommendations for a Long Lasting Spray Tan


Preparing for your spray tan appointment:

For best results, we recommend that you shave and exfoliate 24-48 hours prior to your spray tan session. Any manicures and pedicures should also be completed prior to your tanning sessions. Only use water-based scrubs and soaps, soaps and lotions with oil will impact the effectiveness of the process. Make sure not to wear any lotions, oils, perfumes or deodorant the day of your appointment. We recommend you wear loose-fitting clothing and sandals to allow the spray tan to set properly.

Maintaining your spray tan:

  • Let your spray tan set for at least 8 hours or preferably overnight if you can.
  • ​Avoid wearing tight clothing and shoes and socks until after your first rinse.
  • Do not apply moisturizer or deodorant for 24 hours after your sessions so your spray tan will fully develop.
  • Avoid shaving for 24 hours after your session.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise or anything that will cause excessive sweating until after your rinse.
  • We recommended using a tan extender PH balancing lotion and body wash to extend the life of your tan.

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Becky S. B., Englewood, Florida

“Got a tan? Never though I would do this, but I'm hooked! Beautiful results without the damage from the sun. My spray tan looks so natural and it really moisturizes my skin. Tanya is very professional. She applies a perfect tan and gives great advice to make it last. I highly recommend this service!"

Gina L. D., Englewood, Florida

“Had a great "first" experience yesterday getting a Spray Tan. Tanya was awesome and explained each step wonderfully. I will definitely be back and tell all my friends. Thanks again!'

Tari L. N., Englewood, Florida

"Ladies, if you are not getting spray tans by Shear Tanning, get one now .. Like, right NOW! Call and make the appointment. Tanya is such a wonderful, welcoming professional. I just left after another great experience getting sprayed. No harsh rays from the sun or chemicals! Such a beautiful, natural looking color, not like that fake orangey stuff! If you still haven’t called .. DO IT NOW!"

Meagan A., Englewood, Florida

"Had a great “first” experience getting a Spray Tan with Shear Tanning! Tanya was awesome and explained the process and answered all my questions and concerns. I was astonished as to how natural and even looking the tan was. I will definitely be back for more tanning sessions!”

Tara L. N., Placida, Florida

“Thank you so much pretty lady! I love my spray tan!! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I look so sun kissed! You are amazing and I thank you again. I will definitely be back .. You are going to have to kick me out! Get spray tanned and get addicted!”

Liz D. A., Englewood, Florida

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